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Blu-ray Copy is one-click Blu-ray backup software to copy home-made Blu-ray content to Blu-ray Disc or to the hard disk as a Blu-ray folder or an ISO file with original quality. With the intuitive interface, Blu-ray copy operation is much easier than other programs. It is an ideal backup tool to protect your original Blu-ray discs from being scratched or damaged, with no need to buy the same Blu-ray disc. There are "Full Disc", "Main movie", "Clone", and "Write Data" four modes providing to copy Blu-ray Disc (2D/3D), backup Blu-ray Folder/ISO files.

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Clone home-made Blu-ray Disc

This BD Copy helps you copy home-made Blu-ray Disc from BD50 to BD50, BD25 to BD25 and even BD50 to BD25 in 1:1 copy ratio with high quality. Plus, you are also able to backup your home-made BDs to computer or hard driver according to your needs. Apart from making induplication of Blu-ray Disc, it also enables you to clone home-made Blu-ray ISO file and backup home-made Blu-ray folder to blank Blu-ray Disc at no expense of video quality. One main feature of Blu-ray Copy is that it supports 3D Blu-ray Disc as well as 2D Blu-ray, that is, you can clone home-made 3D 50/25 Blu-ray to 2D 50/25 Disc to have 3D Blu-ray content back-upped.

Copy home-made Blu-ray Disc to hard drive

This Blu-ray Copy software allows users to backup home-made Blu-ray Disc to hard drive on your computer as Blu-ray folder or ISO image files. With this cloner, you can induplicate home-made 3D Blu-ray Disc to Blu-ray folder/ISO content onto your hard drive in case of inevitable Blu-ray Disc damage. Apart from back-upping Blu-ray Disc, you can also clone home-made Blu-ray folder to Blu-ray ISO image files and copy home-made Blu-ray write date to Blu-ray folder/ISO image files.


Copy content with 4 copy modes

Four optional modes are available to clone home-made Blu-ray content: Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone and Write Date. Full Disc allows users to backup any home-made Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO files as whole without option for chapter or main movie. Main Movie helps users copy main part or any title or chapter of a movie. You can also select audio track and subtitle you need to copy, leaving alone unwanted ones. As its name puts, Clone will assist you make an induplicate of Blu-ray Disc and ISO file. To copy Blu-ray folder, you can use the “Write Date” mode.

User friendly design

To backup home-made Blu-ray contents to Blu-ray Disc, you have a special option to set number of copies at random. With this function, you can easily burn any home-made Blu-ray folder, ISO file to Blu-ray Disc or make multiple copies of your Blu-ray Disc. Besides, it can realize various customized settings, such as the selection of the audio track and subtitle. With the optimized reading speed and interfaces, Blu-ray copy will be finished just after a cup of coffee.

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User Review

With this cloner, I can backup my fovorite BDs easily, 4 copy modes help me a lot. I am able to copy blu-ray movies according to my preference.


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